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Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area
Mission Statement

We are an organization of individuals. We enjoy hunting and/or trapping, and simply being out of doors in our beautiful state. We have come together for a common purpose; the practice and promotion of responsible stewardship of a forested land we use and enjoy. We believe that collectively we can maintain and care for this beautiful natural resource that is the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area. Through our efforts we can help ensure that our children and generations to come, inherit a land which is rich in beauty, and bountiful in wildlife. This is our Michigan Heritage.

Sunset over the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area
Photo by David Eldridge
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Gratiot-Saginaw SGA has beautiful waterways
teeming with wildlife

Meeting Information
We met with our liasons from the DNR and MSU Dept. of Wildlife
Friday Feb. 15th, 2013.
We set our Trash Pick Up Day for
April 13, 2013 9:00 am-4:00 pm
This will be our next meeting of the group.
Please plan to attend and join in
Gratiot-Saginaw SGA Field Office
Meridian Rd about 3.5 miles north of M-57
or 1/4 mile south of Burt Rd
on west side
Get Involved...
Lets Work Together!

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David Eldridge
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Our current project is replacing old or missing SGA "Rules of Use" placards at parking/camping sites. Many signs and posts have already been replaced by Todd Bashore of the DNR. This spring we will be numbering all parking/camping sites. We will be routing numbers into each site post at all locations and entering the data on GSSGA maps for public use. This will allow the easy identification of your location, camp location, for Gratiot-Saginaw SGA users. We feel this is a very important upgrade for the safety of all outdoor enthusiasts using the Grat-Sag Area. This project will greatly aid in prompt response for all emergency agencies. It will also allow family and friends to easily locate your camp.
Our thanks to the DNR for allowing and assisting with this project.

Become a Volunteer It's easy - it's free
Simply come to one  of our monthy meetings
or contact us  for more information

Won't you help put an end to this?

Now that the 2012 gun, black powder, and archery
deer seasons have come to a close here in the Gratiot-Saginaw SGA......
our website is thinking you might like to post
some of your camp or deer success photos.....
maybe even share a camp/deer story.
email to:
photos in jpg. format please

It's that time of the year AGAIN!

APRIL 13, 2013
9:00 am till 4:00 pm
  • Free food, donuts, hotdogs, chips
  • Free coffee, water, soft drinks
  • Great fun
  • Truly rewarding
Check out last years photos!
Come alone, with the family,
or bring your favorite group/organization. Enjoy the day, or just a few hours for a great cause!
We'll be happy to see you!
(April 20th is our rain day)

So long to one of our friends.....and welcome to two new friends!
FGSSGA would like to say "Good-bye" to Bruce Warren of the Rose Lake DNR Office. Bruce is retiring. He has been a good friend and advisor to our group. We will miss him. We wish him all the best in his retirement and his future endeavors.
At the same time we wish to announce and say a group "Welcome aboard", to DNR Wildlife Biologist Chad Fedewa, and MSU Wildlife Outreach Specialist Jordan P. Burroughs. They are energized and most willing to help and advise our organization, as we set and work toward acheiving our goals. We look forward to a great and mutually rewarding relationship with them. Their contact information has been added to our contact page.  
The MUCC -
Michigan On-the-Ground
Rabbit habitat (Rabbitat) project in the
Gratiot-Saginaw Game Area
held March 10, 2013 was a resounding success!
Large numbers of volunteers from all over the state
cut trees and built brush piles. By my count, more than 40 in all.
Some of our "Friends" group pitched in on this
great project for yOur Grat-Sag State Game Area.
To the MUCC, Michigan On-the-Ground,
State of Michigan DNR members, boy scouts,
and all the others who braved the weather,
worked so hard, and gave of their time making this happen.... 
  "Thank You!"
Article about the event, including pictures
will be posted soon. Meanwhile, here is a link to MUCC's
article of the event.
Grat-Sag Rabbitat Project

Photo by David Eldridge
Photo by David Eldridge
Aspen Management in Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area
Contracts were awarded
*The timber companies have three years in which to complete their harvest. Harvesting has begun taking place in the Wintergreen Trail area.....read more
The Wildlife Division plans on improving habitat for ruffed grouse, woodcock, rabbits, white-tailed
deer and other early successional wildlife species this year at the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game
read more


This is sadly the end of the Friends of Gratiot-Saginaw SGA website.
The site has not been tended to the last few years, due to far too many events taking place in my personal life, including health issues. I apologize for this.
For the last three years, I have been paying the costs for maintaining the site. The domain name, web hosting, ect., has been in the area of $150 annually out of my pocket. For this, and other reasons, I am closing down my operation of this site.
Thank you all, and all the best to you.